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Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd. is established as one of the world leading supplier of products and services for watchmakers and clockmakers offering wide range of products and services to the best satisfaction of the customers.

Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd started with 800 sq. feet office with annual turnover of HK$ 3 million and slowly expanded and moved to a new location with 2600 sq. feet with annual turnover of HK$ 50 million with over 6 employees. Thus the foundation was laid for one of the biggest businesses in watches and watch parts now spread the world over in the name of Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd.

Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd. has been serving the Watch Material Houses in the Far East, Middle East, Europe , North and South American Countries since 1983. Main purpose of setting up base office in Hong Kong is to liaise inter and intra office through a modern communication networking in the best interest of each branch and consumer as well.

As one date Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd has acquired respectability in the international market as watches and spare parts distributor of repute. Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd. has active accounts in China , Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, South Africa, Turkey, U.S.A., South America and most parts all over Europe.

One can always have transaction with Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd. with confidence and dependability. Dependability to the extent of refund of amount or a prompt exchange, incase of the non-satisfaction of the customer.

Somal Industrial (HK) Ltd. is owned and operated by the third generations of the family.





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